San Bernardino Terrorism

Oh wait, this isn’t terrorism. No Muslims. We don’t know yet what group or ideology is in play, but so far, without any scent of Muslims there can’t be any terrorism. Funny how the media says it quite plainly: “We don’t know yet if this is an act of terrorism.” I’m sure all of those wounded and dead weren’t being terrorized as bullets were flying, fearing for their lives. They were scared, perhaps, but not terrorized. I’m sure they were comforted with thoughts of “I’m bleeding to death, but thank God it’s not Muslims that shot me.”

This is amazingly crazy. We’re told to be fearful and paranoid against a group of people that are statistically peaceful in the US (yes, Muslims – as judged by crime stats, mass shootings, incidents of terrorism based on FBI metrics, and any other metric you want) but we don’t think anything of the ubiquity of guns and the ease of which to procure them.

Our national conversation isn’t about the under-funded Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (the ATF) that is responsible for enforcing many of our gun laws. Instead, we allow ourselves to get caught up on whether to enact more legislation (there’s already plenty; there’s just insufficient funding to enforce). We could pass legislation all day but if we don’t fund anyone to enforce our laws then, like a speed limit, it’ll often be broken with impunity.

Since I’m writing this before we know much about the events that transpired today, we could very well find out that it was a few extremist Muslims with an extremist agenda. What I am pointing out right now is media bias; suddenly and unabashedly, the shootings today will be revised into an act of terrorism. The discussion that could have been on guns will then focus on the 1-2% of the American population that is Muslim. We’ll pick on that group and disregard the actual root causes, means, and mechanisms that allow this event to happen. And if the wildest extremist fantasy of getting rid of all Muslims were to come true then all you’ve done is fix 2 of the 355 mass shootings that have happened in the US this year. If only we can get rid of all white, black, and Latino people as well, then we’d take care of the other 353 mass shootings.

Playing the odds, it may be appropriate to point out that White Americans are the biggest terrorist threat in the US. If that makes anyone reading this angry, then your response was also predictable. At this point, one can either continue to believe that Muslims are America’s biggest terrorist threat or one can pay attention to the data and address the quantitatively higher risk.

This isn’t about blaming white Americans or any ethnic or religious group specifically. This is about looking at data and acting soberly. There are gun and gang problems in our cities. There have been incidents of mass shootings every day in the US. All of these have involved people of various ethnic groups. The point that this blog is making is that Muslims, statistically, are far from the biggest internal or external threat to anyone’s safety in the US.


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