Thought of the Day

When the Quran was being revealed, the Catholic church was debating whether women had souls.

Heaven lies at your mother’s feet.

Raising three good Muslim daughters will gain you the paradise. This was at a time when a cultural practice was to bury baby daughters alive just for being daughters. Present-day India and China still suffers from similar gendercide.

The Quran enshrined a woman’s right to divorce at a time when they were seen a property. The Quran also enshrined a woman’s right to property and inheritance and a man’s responsibility towards his wife and ex-wife.

One-third of our verified (sahih) hadith come from a woman; Aisha (ra). Through her, we are able to know the more intimate, everyday, and even seemingly mundane habits of our Prophet (saw). In her time, she was an arbiter when questions arose of the Prophet’s habits.

The first person to follow the Prophet (saw) was a woman; Khadijah (ra). She was a powerful businesswoman and risked all of her worldly possessions for the cause of Islam.

Islam has no problem with women and women who know about Islam should have no problem with it. Single-minded, culturally-based attitudes that are not based on the Quran, the sunnah of the Prophet (saw), or Islamic history are the problem. Our female heroes in Islam range from scholars (in general, not just a scholar for women) to business and community leaders to devoted mothers who raised scholars to the seemingly average housewives. Keep this in mind when anyone tries to make women fit into just one singular role.


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