Unconvinced that God Exists?

I’m going to try to be economical with my words in trying to give a convincing argument in favor of believing in God’s existence. Therefore, I will accept at face value the scientific theories of how humanity and all matter around us is presently here right now. Big Bang? Yes. Mutlverses? Sure. Primordial soup? Delicious. Under any theory, my only question is this: where did your initial inputs come from? Where did the mass of all matter and energy come from that would eventually yield the universe as we see it today? Or where did the infinite number of multiverses of infinitely minute differences in all scientific constants come from before finding the exact set that would yield life on this planet as we know it? Or who made the primordial soup? Also, for the Big Bang, we cannot believe that it randomly exploded for no reason at all (first law of thermodynamics and law of motion). With no change in inputs, there should be no change in the system. Can we believe in the Big Bang Theory without believing in 1) a creator that put the system there to begin with and 2) a creator that would spark the system to explode into the universe (or muliverse) that we have today?

Let’s approach this differently. It’s easy enough to search and read the Watchmaker’s Analogy when it comes to the logical argument for God’s existence. I also once heard a similar analogy based in the desert. Imagine walking through a vast and empty desert. Then eventually you come across some stones on the ground. They’re the size of your hand and they’re arranged in a circle. There’s some ash in the middle of this circle. Without having seen anything else and without knowing anything more, at this point all we know is that another human was here. But why do we know that? How can we know that? Why aren’t we saying that those stones and that ash were as natural of an occurrence as the rest of the desert around you? Does it make any sense at all to logically start off with “there was no human here” and then argue that there was, in fact, a human?

Now we can take these rocks and extrapolate it to the entire universe (or multiverse) and still ask ourselves how did any of the initial inputs for any variety of theories get here. As the Christian theologian C.S. Lewis put it, to think that all of this around us just happened by chance is like spilling a milk jug and expecting to come up with a map of London.

At this point, I’m not even talking about Islam specifically. This is God, Allah, Yahweh, Zeus, Jupiter, Ra, Jah, Brahma, Tengri, Xenu, Odin, and the Dollar (C.R.E.A.M.) versus the notion that there is no deity over us. If you have a problem with your perception or conception of this deity then that’s different from not believing at all that there is a deity over us. Likewise, if you have a problem with people who subscribe to a particular belief system or any particular set of beliefs then that too is different from not believing that there is a deity over us.

This wraps up what I have to say about atheism unless someone gives me something to address. Otherwise, here on out, I’m talking to the folks who have an issue with Islamic doctrine or, more likely, other Muslims’ notions of Islamic doctrine.


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